System App

[deprecated starting with V2.2]

Starting with Better Battery Stats 2.2 the system app is not required anymore:

  1. For rooted devices the app will take care of obtaining the required permissions by other means
  2. For unrooted devices there is an easier way to obtain the required permissions by the means of ADB (see here for the details)

Starting with Anddroid 4.4 Google has changed the accessibility to battery stats by revoking apps the permission to access them. More about that change here.

To circumvent this limitation I have implemented a helper system app that - when installed to /system/priv-app - gives BetterBatteryStats back the missing permissions. Unfortunately that means  that root is a requirement starting from 4.4.

The installation of the system app is suggested when opening BetterBatteryStats on a rooted 4.4+ device.

In certain cases (different mount binaries or busybox versions) the in-app installer can fail. For that case I provide a ZIP that can be installed from recovery (tested on TWRP and CWM). This ZIP can be donloaded here.

In case the in-app uninstaller does not work the recovery ZIP can be found here.

After install the system app you may have to re-install the main app and reboot.