• Removed the need for the system app (on rooted devices)

  • Support for non-rooted devices (permissions need to be assigned by other means)

  • Added Sensor Stats - Replaced "Other" stats label by "Summary"

  • Added "note" field to share dialog to add notes to dumpfiles

  • Update to most current android-compat-lib

  • Alarm details are now scrollable

  • Usability and style fixed

  • Folded both txt and json representation of the dumpfile into one file

  • Crashlog and bug fixes

  • I18N


  • Android Marshmallow Support
  • New Artwork
  • New responsive widget
  • Optimized legacy widgets
  • New version of the system app
  • Fixed Widget not always refreshing at screen on
  • Fixed various bugs from crash reports
  • Fixed graphs being off on 5.1
  • Fixed rate dialog
  • Fixed totals in process views
  • Specific parser for LG G3 kernel wakelocks


  • All new and shiny, with light and dark themes
  • Full Lollipop support
  • Lots of I18N (see about dialog for credits)
  • Added details about API stats to dumpfile
  • System app dialog now links to the recovery ZIPs to be used as workaround
  • Added import/export of preferences
  • Added option to show/hide spinners
  • Show SELinux Policy on System App dialog and Dumpfile
  • An attempt to work around BATTERY_INFO service not being reachable on some devices
  • Surface errors that may occur while processing stats
  • Refactored time and timespan calculations: should avoid any rounding error
  • Added ability to save dumpfiles in JSON format from tasker plugin
  • Removed sorting
  • Removed google analytics
  • Removed graph zoom


  • Support of the L developer preview
  • Fixed issued with google launcher (no stats)
  • New circular gauges (bar can still be selected from settings)
  • Some minor UI tweaks
  • Update to Dashclock 2.0 API
  • No need to enable root features in settings anymore
  • Various performance and memory optimizations
  • Fixes from crash reports
  • .... and much more


  • Added support of stats for Kitkat (due to major changes by Google BBS now requires root on Kitkat to be fully featured)
  • Added the possibility to install BBS as system app
  • Recreated all icons and support for xxxhdpi densities
  • Fixed alarms parsing on 4.3+
  • Fixed crash from gplay crash report


  • Fixed various crashreports from gplay
  • Added proper permissions for accessing su in manifest
  • Hold a permanent su shell for batching all su operations
  • Fixed double hashing of partial wakelock accounts causing calculations to fail
  • Updated to current lib version



  • Database access redesign for multi-device support 


  • Hotfix for users having an FC when starting the app after an upgrade from an earlier version


  • detect and fix spinner refresh problem leading to stats being shown empty for some users
  • Fixed battery / voltage level in dumpfile
  • A few typos
  • Added "share" feature for dumpfiles, logcat and dmesg
  • Refactored RAW stats
  • Responsive stat row
  • Added timestamps to logcat
  • Mask any account data (personal info)
  • Fixed missing icon for packages in processes
  • Fixed KB icon not showing
  • Added dashclock widget (Android 4.2.2+ only)Added JSON marshalling of dumpfile info



  • Fixed widget defaults on fresh install
  • widget default fallback stat is boot
  • Refresh actions flush the cache to guarantee current data
  • Fixed Other stats (deep sleep) being larger than "since"
  • Fixed small widget reading wgrong default stat from preferences
  • Fixed caching issues
  • Fixed synchronization issue sometimes leading to empty "to" stat
  • Fixed tasker plugin issue
  • Fixed "to" battery % and voltage always being the current value
  • Fixed possible FC and error conditions from gplay crash reports
  • Fixed errors due to updating from 1.11 to 1.12 (inconsistent readings)